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The NotSo Daily Bulletin No. 338

Top Stories   Today, October 13, the ASX 200 continued its post-budget rally with a 1% jump to a seven month high of 6196. It’s now above the recent trading range and at it’s highest point since early March, just before the 30% oil sell-off when Russia and Saudi Arabia disagreed. Global markets are still counting on…

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The NotSo Daily Bulletin No. 337

Top Stories Today, October 9 the ASX 200 was flat after four positive days moved the market to 6102 and closer to the top end of the four-month trading range 5750 to 6150. The “kitchen sink” budget and the RBA are providing the necessary financial support for the economy to get to the other side of this pandemic hopefully. Global…

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Nine keys to successful investing – and why they are more important than ever in the face of the coronavirus shock

The Not So Daily Bulletin No. 329

Today, September 7, the ASX 200 gained 19 points to finish at 5945. Late last week the US market had a technology sell-off which led to a 187 point drop on Friday on the ASX. The market was expecting another drop today but we rallied on CSL (Aust Govt COVID vaccine) and Miners (Iron ore 6 years high). This coupled with the US having a Monday holiday (LABOR DAY)

The Not So Daily Bulletin No. 334

Today, September 29 the ASX 200 was flat after the market was expecting a positive day, The index finished at 5952 which is up 76 points from the last Not So but still very much in the four-month trading range established in June.

The Not So Daily Bulletin No. 332

Today, September 18 the ASX 200 dropped 19 points to finish at 5865 which is only 30 points lower than it was in the last Not So. The rollercoaster is acting as a headwind as markets catch their breath after a strong rise from March lows.

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What’s your financial game plan?

The Not So Daily Bulletin No. 326

The US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell made a change to the inflation policy and this impacted our market with Banks and Property trusts rising while all other sectors fell as the…

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